All athletes who are planning to compete at the 2015 Riverboarding World Championship are strongly encouraged to obtain sponsorship.

The RWC will assist in generating the most publicity possible for your sponsors, but it is up to you to gain their support.

While certainly not a requirement, individual sponsors, even on a small level, will assist with your travel costs and registration fees, and athletes beginning to think in this direction is a vital step forward for Riverboarding as an organized competitive sport.

Here are some practical tips for obtaining sponsorship from local companies:

– Be honest with yourself and your sponsors. Don’t tell them you have a chance at winning, if you’re more realistically going to be in the middle of the pack. It’s better to underpromise and overdeliver, than the opposite. The event is going to be extremely competitive in 2015.

– Be realistic about the sponsors you approach. Red Bull is not going to give you $20,000 to go compete in Guatemala. But the mom-and-pop sporting goods store which has been the cornerstone of your town for 40 years? They might give you $200 and a free bag to carry your gear in. And once you have them in your corner, it’ll be easier to convince other sponsors.

– Explain what the sponsorship is for (travel costs, registration fees – which cover 8 full days all-inclusive at the event in Guate)

– Show them what they’ll get in return from the RWC (everything listed and explained below in the web profile and TV spots sections)

– Show them what they’ll get in return from you personally (how often will you tag them in your social media posts? Do they have shirts or hats you can wear anytime you’re on camera? Can you do guest posts during / after the event for their website, about your experiences?)

– Ask them if they have any media contacts, and propose that you will work with their marketing department work on a press release for the local media. News outlets are constantly looking for stories, and “local hometown athlete goes to international competition” is usually a very interesting story for the media.

– Put everything in writing, and be detailed and clear about what they are giving you, when they are giving it to you (i.e. do you need the money in April to buy your plane ticket, or do you need it in October just before you leave? Or will they simply pay your registration or plane ticket, with no cash changing hands?), and what you are doing for their brand.

This may not need to be a legally binding contract (but if you have any questions, consult a legal authority, we are not legal counsel), but it is important to have a clear agreement in writing with each sponsor.

– Understand your sponsor’s interests, and focus on the methods you’ll use to get them the publicity that they want, either locally (eg a local store in your town) or globally (eg, NRS, who wants to be seen in all your social media posts).

– FOLLOW THROUGH! Sadly, this is the most overlooked part of sponsorship by athletes, by far. And it’s the most important. OVERdeliver on the promises you make to your sponsors, and they will be more than happy to sponsor you again in the future. Tag them, promote them, be their best salesperson!

But fail to follow through on your end of the agreement, and you’ll be knocking on a closed door with them forever.


Full page bio
:60 athlete profile video
Sponsor logos + links
Photo gallery
Video gallery
*(all bio info, photos, and videos must be provided by the athlete)

2015 personal finishing leaderboard
2013 RWC personal overall rankings
Other competition results


The 2015 RWC will have nearly a year of national media coverage in Guatemala when all is completed, and the RWC as an event has continued to get international coverage through stories of the top athletes, in the year since Indonesia.

We expect this to continue on an even larger scale at the 2015 event, and will have a dedicated media team this year focused on developing international media relationships to spread the multimedia from Guatemala to the world before, during, and after the event..


– 5 to 10 of your best action photos
– 1 clear and recent headshot
– Your best video highlights edited into less than 3 minutes
– Interview sound bytes

Sample interview answers (simple camera on tripod, preferably with shallow depth of field and focus on their face, good audio)

– Who are you ?

“I’m __________, I am a riverboarder from _________”

– What does this event mean to you?

“The Riverboarding World Championship means __________________ to me because _________________.”

– How are you training for the RWC?

“I’m training for the RWC by __________________.”

– What is your favorite event?

“My favorite event is _______________, because _________.”

– Who do you think are the strongest athletes in the competition? ***fix this question***

– Shout-outs / thanks to personal sponsors

See World Champion Bob Lataste’s video for a great example of how to do this.

– Credit will be given on youtube / vimeo / athlete page / social media for creative assistance (videography)
– In addition, there may be various athletes or events where filming will take place with the aim of obtaining footage specifically for cable TV usage in Guatemala.

This provides an opportunity for athlete exposure and for them to promote their individual sponsors as well. Notice will be given in advance of these dates.


People who can help film your interview sound bytes: a creative friend, a pro photographer or videographer, an art student, an acquaintance who is talented with a camera.

Don’t ask them to do it for free though, unless they’re going to be one of your sponsors. Artists need to eat too.

Watch ESPN or visit for good interview framing and sound byte examples. Feel free to be creative, the most important thing is that we have several very clear and concise (short!) sound bytes in answer to the questions, and that the audio is strong and clear with no background noise.

As previously noted, you may wear your sponsor logos and use sponsor products in your videos.

There may also be additional opportunities to get more attention for your video, by incorporating the RWC event sponsors into your clip.

For example, if JEEP or Toyota are one of the sponsors, and you have access to one of those vehicles, shoot some b-roll with that vehicle driving to the river, unloading your riverboard and gear, getting ready, etc.

For more information on obtaining personal sponsorship and regarding your athlete profile, please contact us by email.

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