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It’s been a while since we’ve updated you outside of facebook, and that’s all about to change! We’re halfway through registration – it ends July 31st – and from here until the event we’ll be updating you very regularly with information regarding Guatemala – here on the website, via email, and continued posting on social media.

So many people have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to put this event together, and you’ll be hearing from various members with their own unique updates as we move forward. It’s only a few months now until we open the festivities at Palacio Nacional and then head to Lanquin for a week of intense riverboarding and community fun.

Preparing the Riverboarding World Championship in Guatemala

Part of the team recently in Guatemala. L-R: Javier, Lucia (INGUAT), Max, Vanessa (RIOS Guatemala), Raphaél (WRA)


I encourage you to be a fan of the Riverboarding World Championship on facebook if you are not already, in order to participate more actively in the conversation. Within the next few weeks this website will be changing, as we overhaul the design and add features which will make it a worthy digital hub for athletes, guests, and fans around the world.

If you have questions, don’t just sit there wondering! We’ll be adding an FAQ section, so we want to hear your questions. Email RWC2015@Riverboarding.org or message us on facebook and someone will get back to you right away, likely within a few hours since we now have staff on 5 continents!

Quickly, I will tell you that things are progressing very well with the event and we are on schedule with all our planning and preparation. The schedule we posted last November remains the same, and at the moment we’re just nailing down the final negotiations for some of our logistical partners.

For those of you who pre-registered, thanks! For those of you who are coming but haven’t registered yet, remember that registration will close at the end of July and all payments must be in by that time. The remaining balance for those who pre-registered will need to be paid at that time as well.

Lastly, if you’d like to subscribe by email to the regular updates we’ll be sending out, please send an email to RWC2015@riverboarding.org and let us know. We will also post them here on the site and on facebook, in order to better communicate regardless of your preferred method (but if you’re old-school like me, email is still an option).

I hope your training is going well and for those of you in the northern hemisphere or rainy tropical areas, I hope you’re getting out and enjoying the whitewater! Summer is almost here.

We’ll be updating you again very soon!

~ Josh, Denis, Raphael, Charl, Max and the team


The World Riverboarding Association has announced the dates and schedule for the 2015 Riverboarding World Championship in Guatemala

26th November 2014 – For Immediate Release – The next Riverboarding World Championship is scheduled for October 12th – 19th, 2015, in Guatemala.

At an introductory press conference last Friday in association with INGUAT (Guatemala’s ministry of Tourism), the World Riverboarding Association in partnership with RIOS Guatemala announced that the 2015 Riverboarding World Championship will take place in Lanquin, Alto Verapaz, Guatemala, between the 12th and 19th of October 2015.

While the event encompasses a full week, the schedule includes the opening and closing ceremonies, travel days, and 2 practice days on the river, along with the 3 full days of competition.

The individual race events will include Slalom, Boardercross, and Endurocross, with an optional co-ed team Relay event. Freestyle surfing will not be part of the RWC for 2015, but is likely to have its own competition in the summer of 2016 on the Ottawa River in Canada.

Points will be awarded for each of the 3 individual events, with the overall winner being crowned the 2015 Riverboarding World Champion. Categories will include Men and Women. Prizes will also be given for the top 3 teams in the Relay event.

The Riverboarding World Championship is the sport’s premier international event and is managed by the World Riverboarding Association, an officially registered NGO dedicated to the sport of Riverboarding, made up of 5 board members from around the world.

A new president and board of directors will be voted in for a 2 year term at the conclusion of the 2015 RWC.

Contact Info:
World Riverboarding Association
2833 Talbot
Stoneham, Qc
Canada, G3C 1K4
Email: rwc2015@riverboarding.org
Web: RiverboardingWorldChampionship.com



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First details on the events, the rivers, and visiting Guatemala


The schedule will be:

Monday October 12th: Athletes arrive in Guatemala City
Tuesday October 13th: Opening ceremony at Palacio Nacional, travel as a group by bus to Lanquin
Wednesday October 14th: Practice day on Rio Lanquin and Rio Cahabon
Thursday October 15th: Practice day on Rio Lanquin and Rio Cahabon
Friday October 16th: Slalom race
Saturday October 17th: Boardercross race
Sunday October 18th: Endurocross race (morning), Relay race (afternoon)
Monday October 19th: Travel to Antigua, closing awards ceremony, party

There will be 2 separate rivers used for the 2015 RWC: the Rio Lanquin, and Rio Cahabon. October is the rainy season, and water levels are expected to be at optimally challenging (and fun!) levels.


(NOTE: All information regarding the course is subject to change if deemed necessary by the event organizers.)

The basic course setup will be:

– Rio Lanquin (class III, IV), approximately 5 minute race with 13 gates, Heat 1 seeded by registration bib number, Heat 2 seeded in reverse order of Heat 1 time (i.e. slowest to fastest)

– Rio Lanquin (class III, IV), approximately 5 minute race with 11 gates, seeded by Slalom finish, all racers in bracket (no first-round bye for Slalom top 2)

– Rio Lanquin (class II, III, IV) into the Rio Cahabon (fast current flatwater, class III, class IV), approximately 14km race, random position mass start (no seedings)

Computer generated random co-ed teams of 3, mixed countries, formed to be as average as possible across all teams (based on Slalom times).

This is an optional event which will not count toward individual standings, and will have its own awards and prizes.

– LEG 1: Rio Lanquin (fast current flatwater, class II, class III), Portage
– LEG 2: Portage, Rio Lanquin (class II III, IV, Cahabon class III)
– LEG 3: Rio Cahabon, (fast current flatwater, class III, IV)


The RWC in Guatemala will be based at Hotel El Recreo, a large property featuring a central meeting hall complete with a stage, restaurant, and bar, along with multiple levels of accommodation ranging from single bed rooms to multi-bed dorms, all complete with either private or shared bathrooms.

Pricing will vary based on accommodation type, and selection will be available during online registration.

El Recreo has multiple cabins arranged around the central building on an enclosed, fenced private property, and the event will retain security.

The town of Lanquin is approximately 1km walk along the road which fronts the El Recreo event site. Lanquin is a typical Guatemalan town, but due to its identity as the lodging headquarters for the popular tourist destination of Semuc Champey, it is generally safe and tourist-friendly.


All athletes need to arrive in Guatemala City on Monday, October 12th.

Those who are already in Guatemala as tourists prior to the RWC, may secure their own lodging, however, all boards and gear must be dropped off at the event hotel (TBD) in Guatemala City on the 12th for transport to Lanquin, no exceptions.

It will also be highly recommended that those athletes securing their own lodging please stay at the event hotel (TBA at a later date) on the night of the 12th, as transportation to the opening ceremony on the morning of the 13th will begin from this location.

Those arriving by air on the 12th will be met and picked up at the airport and shuttled to the hotel in Guatemala City for the night.

Transportation will be provided from the event hotel to el Palacio Nacional on the morning of the 13th for the opening ceremony, and from there direct to Lanquin.

Once in Lanquin, morning shuttles will be provided during the practice days and competition days from hotel El Recreo to the put-in, and regular shuttles during the day from the take-out to the put-in. Shuttles will return nightly to El Recreo from the day’s specified take-out (there are 2).


Meals will be provided throughout the week in accordance with the schedule which will be released at a later date.


The airport of arrival is in Guatemala City, code GUA. There are regular flights from select destinations in North America, western Europe, and Latin America.

Please check with your country of origin for tourist entry visa requirements, and remember that you are coming to Guatemala as a tourist (not on business or any other official reason – just Tourism). Also, keep in mind that you may need a Transit Visa for any / all countries you are flying through.


Guatemalan money is called Quetzales, after the famous bird which is the national symbol. Exchange for Dollars, Euros, and some Latin American currencies is available at the airport, and we are working to possibly be able to simplify the exchange process and get a better rate – more info will be provided at a later date.


Like most places in the world, personal safety is an issue, primarily in the city. Please take standard traveling precautions at all times with yourself and your personal belongings. It is highly recommended not to walk around in the city at night, and not to go out alone at any time.


The language spoken in Guatemala is Spanish (Español). Many Guatemalans do speak some English, though this will be a very small minority of the people once arriving in Lanquin. However, the event itself will be run primarily in English. Many of the RWC staff will speak at least 2 languages (some 3 or more), to assist in the communication process.

All event presentations will be given audibly in English, with written translations in the event handbooks and presentation slides expected in English, Spanish, French, and Bahasa. This is to speed up all presentations and should cut all meeting and presentation times by 2/3 from what they were in Indonesia.

The exception will be the opening ceremony in the Palacio Nacional, which will likely be spoken entirely in Spanish, though printed translation of the proceedings may be possible.


At the beginning of the week in Guatemala City, and at the end in Antigua, expect cooler weather in the low to mid 20’s (Celsius), potentially cooler at night if there is rain. In the Lanquin valley, the weather may be as hot as 28 during the day, slightly cooler with rain.

The water temperature is refreshing, but not cold, and again, the air is quite warm. A 3mm wetsuit should be sufficient for most athletes. As always, know yourself and your body’s temperature needs in the river. The actual specific water temperature will be provided at a later date, well in advance of your packing to leave for the event.


We know there will be questions, and if one person is wondering something, there are probably many people wondering the same thing.

So, please post your questions to the Riverboarding World Championship facebook page, where we’ll be able to answer them publicly with the ability for group discussion.

This event is now just 10.5 months away, and while there is much work still to be done, we are already a long way towards having an incredible event planned out and prepared for next October!

We are extremely grateful for the support we have had on the ground in Guatemala, in particular INGUAT and Max Baldetty of RIOS Guatemala.

All of us responsible for this event are looking forward to seeing old friends and new faces from all over the world, with riverboards and hydrospeeds in hand, in less than a year in Guatemala!

With love and whitewater stoke,

the World Riverboarding Association

Josh Galt, President
Raphael Besson, Treasurer
Denis Morin, Secretary
Charl van Rensburg, International Relations
Randi Roswenda, International Relations